Colette's five steps to a happy family life in lockdown

It is a tough time for us all, and keeping the kids occupied, while juggling the stresses of lockdown can be difficult. 


Support worker Colette Lowe has some steps that can help to ease those pressures, and keep the family happy.

  1. TV is your friend, not the enemy
  2. Drown out the super mum chat on social media
  3. Turn round, count from 10 backwards, take a breath and start again
  4. Activities with water cause me less stress, easier to clean up and can be fun
  5. If you are caring for kids while trying to work from home or balancing other responsibilities, remember doing good is good enough

Try out these two Instagram accounts for more tips Pregnant then Screwed and Mother Pukka. Both are great for advice and real-life stories that make you grateful to be in the situation you are in no - matter how hard you feel it is.

Stress and pressures can impact on your mental health and wellbeing.

If you are struggling right now with anxiousness and depression symptoms, acknowledge to yourself that this is an unusual time and your body and mind are trying to find ways of making sense and coping with the different situation it finds itself in.

If you need to talk, please reach out to friends, family and loved ones.