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RealLiving celebrates Diversity Day

Published on 07/10/2016

RealLiving celebrated Diversity week in its cafe’s in Rosyth and Torryburn.

The events celebrated the diverse nationalities and cultures in Fife.

Cafe members, volunteers and staff dressed up in their national clothes, and got to experience different food from around the world.

Torryburn members were also joined by Torryburn Primary School children who came dressed in outfits representing different cultures, to sing songs to cafe members.

The RealLiving social cafe’s help older people get more involved in their local community, and help reduce social isolation.

Elaine Meakin, RealLiving Project Worker said, “This was a great way to take part in Diversity Week Fife. We have so many different cultures in Fife and particularly amongst RealLiving volunteers, members and local communities. It was great for everyone of all ages to celebrate each other’s cultures and learn from each other.”

Joan Nova, Torryburn Cafe Member said, “It was a wonderful morning, thanks to everyone for organising it. Hearing the children singing was just a joy.”

Andrew Hamilton, Rosyth Cafe Member said, “I love coming to the cafe in Rosyth as there is always something new. I don't tell people I am coming to the Rosyth Cafe, I tell them I am coming to the Friendship Club in Rosyth because it is such a friendly place".