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Positive feedback from service users

Published on 04/05/2012

A photograph of a support worker.

Every year we undertake a survey with all our Linkliving customers, to gather their feedback, understand their opinions and use this information positively to improve our services.

We were delighted with the results of the most recent survey and want to share the results with you.  Our service users told us:

  • 97% think their support always or mostly meets their needs

“Without Linkliving I would be very lost.”

  • 95% think the service is always or mostly flexible and responsive

“You do a great job with everything I bring up”

  • 93% feel they always or mostly have choice and control over their support

“I am happy with my support workers.  They are very helpful and help me with all the things I need.”

  • 95% think their support worker always or mostly has the knowledge and skills to support them

“Linkliving has given me the chance to live as normal a life as possible.  They do a really good job.”

  • 98% always or mostly consider their support worker to be professional and respectful

“I have found all the support workers to be professional, helpful, supportive and friendly.  You really couldn't ask for any more.”

  • 94% feel they are always or mostly listened to

“Your support workers really understand and were a great help to me.  I would use Linkliving again in the future.”

  • 98% of service users would recommend Linkliving to others

“I am pleased with the help and support given to my grandson.  I would be lost without them; they really are an excellent team in what they do.”

Improving our services with feedback

Action points that we plan to take forward from this survey, to improve our service even more are:

  • Set up focus groups with service users to further develop areas of improvement
  • Make it really easy for individuals to contact Linkliving in their preferred method of communication
  • Develop local action plans so that all services users are clear and understand how they can complain if they feel they need to
  • Improve our communications to the wider community to improve awareness of the highly regarded services that Linkliving provide

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