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LinkLiving supports DePaul UK’s Spare Room Campaign

Published on 13/03/2013

Spare Room - helping a young person at risk

Depaul UK has launched its Spare Room Campaign in response to the dramatic rise in youth homelessness. The campaign sees Depaul UK team up with local charities across the country to call on the 7.5 million households nationwide who have a spare room to consider making it available to a young homeless person.

The charity supports a network of 37 safe emergency accommodation services across the UK, called Nightstops, placing homeless young people aged 16-25 in the homes of over 700 volunteer hosts approved by Depaul UK. The Nightstop scheme sees volunteer hosts provide a room, evening meal and listening ear to a young homeless person for one night or for up to two weeks.  Once engaged with Nightstop, staff can then work with the young person in partnership with local agencies to help them address issues that caused them to become homeless, providing family mediation and securing longer-term settled accommodation.

LinkLiving is proud to be associated with the Nightstop project and is currently working with a number of partners to develop this much needed model of support within communities across Scotland.

Martin Houghton-Brown, Chief Executive of Depaul UK, said:

“The number of young people sleeping rough is accelerating year on year, forcing more and more to sleep in unsafe places, vulnerable to exploitation and harm. These are tough times with homelessness increasing for under-25s as unemployment, increasing rents and cuts to local youth services are leaving many with nowhere to turn.

“Nightstop is a safety net to vulnerable young people at times of greatest need, when they are forced to leave home, most often due to family breakdown, and have no idea where to go. Last year, our network of Nightstops helped over 5,000 vulnerable young people and kept them from sleeping rough, sofa surfing, or in unsuitable accommodation and at risk of abuse. The use of spare rooms makes a huge positive difference to young people in crisis.”

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