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LinkLiving one hundredth organisation to sign up for a tobacco-free Scotland

Published on 25/11/2016

LinkLiving was the one hundredth organisation to pledge support for a national bid to make Scotland tobacco-free. The announcement comes in the same week as groups across the country collect awards at The Scottish Parliament for their efforts in tackling the harm caused by tobacco in their communities.

These awards are part of Scotland’s Charter for a Tobacco-free Generation, an initiative by health charity Action on Smoking and Health to help deliver a tobacco-free generation by 2034 (by this they mean less than 5% of the population still smokes).

The awards recognise the contributions these organisations are making in working towards a tobacco-free generation of Scots.

Among those receiving the awards at the Holyrood reception, sponsored by Maree Todd MSP, yesterday evening were the Scottish Cot Death Trust, Fife College and the Scottish Youth Parliament for their commitment to take bold action to help Scotland achieve its tobacco-free goal by 2034.

In signing-up to Scotland’s Tobacco-free Charter LinkLiving has committed to providing staff with training to help their service users make their homes smoke-free and recognise the benefits of quitting smoking. Using established links with the community we are going to highlight positive local stories of quitting and living smoke-free.

Sarah Smith, Director of LinkLiving said:

“We would like to do more to help our staff and the people we support to make positive choices in relation to tobacco and by signing the Charter we’ve committed to doing just that.  As well as promoting the health benefits of quitting, we will also be helping the people we support to make better use of limited financial resources. By supporting them to stop smoking, we’ll be putting more money in the pockets of the people and communities that need it most.”

Sheila Duffy, Chief Executive of ASH Scotland, said:

“ASH Scotland launched Scotland's Charter for a tobacco-free generation to help raise awareness of and deliver the worthwhile vision for putting smoking out of fashion for the next generation.  In its first year, the response to the charter has been excellent. We now have over one hundred organisations signed up to the Charter, and it is proving an effective way to bring people together and motivate organisations in the fight against tobacco and the harmful effects it has on children and young people.”

“These awards celebrate some of the positive actions that Charter signatories across the country are delivering to help to ensure that children who are in nursery now become the first generation to grow up in communities where tobacco is hardly noticed.”

Maree Todd MSP for Highlands and Islands, event sponsor said:

“I am delighted to sponsor this event with ASH Scotland. Smoking is on the decline but we have to ensure that we do what we can to keep up this rate of progress and promoting Scotland’s Charter for a tobacco-free generation will help us achieve that – ultimately we all want to bring about a future where smoking is no longer doing such damage to people’s health.”

“I think that everyone receiving awards here tonight fully deserve all the congratulations that they are receiving. I hope that we have many more organisations to congratulate for their achievements in tackling smoking in the future. “