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LinkLiving drive for choice and personalisation of services

Published on 07/09/2012

A photograph of a member of LinkLiving service users.

The number of LinkLiving service users who have chosen to organise their own support has risen rapidly over the past two years.

LinkLiving’s drive for personal empowerment, greater independence and improved quality by creating choice, through personalisation and direct payments, has seen a 3000% rise in the number of service users who choose to pay for their service by Direct Payments.

In Edinburgh alone, 36% of service users pay using Direct Payments. This rise exceeds by far the figures for Scotland, released by the Scottish Government, which shows the number of people in receipt of Direct Payments has increased by 19% since 2010.

LinkLiving service users who receive Direct Payments are able to purchase and manage for themselves some or all of the care they have been assessed as needing. It gives them more flexibility, choice and control over the care they receive allowing them to live more independently in their communities.

Cathy Little, one of LinkLiving’s service users said:

“I chose to apply for a Direct Payment as I wanted to stay with LinkLiving. I would definitely recommend Direct Payments to others – it takes the uncertainty out of the future. LinkLiving have treated me with respect and it has been the best service compared with the other agencies I have been with. This is definitely the place for me because of the small things like that. Paying by Direct Payment enables me to have that choice!”

Elaine Johnston, LinkLiving Director added:

“Since the personalisation of services was introduced across social care, it has had and will continue to have, an impact on third sector organisations and the way they deliver services. We have embraced personalisation and we will continue to empower our service users to make informed choices and will support them to manage the challenges of everyday life, to take advantage of opportunities and to be in control. Our drive for greater choice has led to the launch of a new website so that we can engage more effectively with service users, referrers and partners.”

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