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LinkLiving has been subject to a ‘phishing’ attack

Published on 27/09/2016

Over the last 24 hours some of our customers may have received emails that impersonated LinkLiving staff.

If you have received any emails from Link staff members which had attachments (PDF, html, Doc),  please delete these emails immediately and do not open the attachments. If you have clicked on the attachments your browser will have been directed to a phishing webpage. If you have provided your email address and password on the phishing webpage, please change your email password as soon as possible.

We are investigating this issue with our ICT department, Senior Management Group and Google.

We would like to reassure you that we are doing all that we can to resolve this situation and thank our customers for their patience and understanding at this time.

If you have any concerns please contact the Customer Service Centre on 03451 400 100.