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Edinburgh Young Person’s Service Success

Published on 01/07/2016

Edinburgh Young Person’s Service (EYPS) provides practical, emotional and social support to young people. It aims to bring positivy, help young people recognise their own self worth, and become more confident and lead better and fuller lives.

Read more to find out how EYPS changed one young couple's life for the better.

Monica and Jordi moved from Spain to Edinburgh two years ago, knowing very little English and with a baby on the way. Now, after successfully completing their programme with LinkLiving’s Edinburgh Young Person’s Service (EYPS), they are living independently with their daughter Dakota and achieving their goals.  Ana Prieto, Housing Support Worker, has been supporting the couple throughout their time with LinkLiving.

How did you find out about Linkliving?
Monica- We were having trouble bidding for flats as we did not know how the system worked. Our Housing Officer at the time referred us to EYPS as there was a Spanish member of staff working in the team. Our English level was very low at the time.

What support did you receive?
Jordi- We were told about the social housing system as we were in a PSL flat, but did not know how long we could stay there. Ana helped us bid on a weekly basis, register with a medical centre as Monica was pregnant, understand and access benefits, get to know the area and resources available to us, and look for English classes.

What impact has the support had in your lives?
M- Thanks to the support provided we started working for a babysitting agency, allowing us to transition from benefits to employment. During Monica’s pregnancy we were getting support with medical appointments so we were aware of what was going on. Dakota was born in April 2014 and we were told about our entitlement regarding child benefits and grants for our daughter. We were slowly developing skills and, after a year bidding, we were awarded a permanent flat. At the time EYPS helped us get all the furniture and white-goods we needed to settle in.

We changed jobs and started working full-time, so they helped us deal with our benefits to ensure everything was closed and avoid any overpayments.

Our daughter started nursery and we feel more integrated in Scottish society. We have made friends and feel more independent with a better understanding of life here.

How is your life now that the support has ended?
M- I have successfully completed my studies in Event Management, and am trying to start a professional career in the field. I am currently working at KFC to ensure we always have enough money coming in.

J- I am studying to become a Personal Trainer- I love sports. I am also taking driving lessons, so hopefully I will have a driving license soon. I work at KFC too as they are flexible with shifts so we can organise our routines with Dakota.

She has settled in at nursery and is already bilingual. She speaks Spanish and English fluently.

M- We feel completely independent now and we know where to get help if need it. We pay our rent, manage our money without difficulties and keep trying to achieve new goals.

We are so grateful to EYPS and we could not have achieved all of this without their support. It has always worked very well for our needs and it is a great help for any young people who need it.

If you know someone who could benefit from support from EYPS, please contact 0330 303 0302.

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