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A photograph of a young man in a blue t-shirt, smiling at the camera.

LinkLiving were asked to work with a person who was within the criminal justice system and on a licence ,which meant they would be returned to prison if they re-offended.

This raised new issues for us as we needed to balance the protection of the public with the successful rehabilitation of the individual.  The challenge for our support workers was to work within the ethos of person centred working whilst ensuring that the person met the conditions of their licence.

We reviewed  our existing practices and identified how these would need to be modified to work effectively within the multi agency team. We accessed relevant training and introduced new systems to accommodate the necessary safeguards.

We have now worked with William for 5 years.  He has successfully integrated into the community and, while he understands and complies with the constraints upon him, he also enjoys a full, productive life and looks forward to completing the term of his licence soon. The success of this work is demonstrated through William's comments:

"LinkLiving is a different class from other support agencies and I should know as I’ve been with a few.

Most other agencies try to control you and your life, LinkLiving staff don’t do this they encourage you to make your own decisions and to deal with things.

Also if you need to contact them someone will always get back to you, and all the staff, not just my support worker, are really well trained."

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