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I started receiving support when I was 16. At this time I was in a violent relationship, living within my partner’s tenancy. He received support from LinkLiving and his support worker put me in touch with the service.

My worker supported me throughout this relationship and when I eventually built up the courage to leave, she helped me access temporary accommodation and supported me emotionally. We met often, going to various appointments for housing, health and benefits. I have long-term health needs due to a liver transplant that require me to look after myself and at this point, I really wasn’t.

I found a flat and got help from LinkLiving to get furniture and grants to make it my home. I learned to live on my own and I did start looking after myself, paying my bills and keeping my appointments. I also met a new guy. Life was good. LinkLiving reviewed my support regularly and we agreed that, because I was happy and stable, I really didn’t need support so we ended at this point.

My worker and I kept in touch every few months until I had my baby. CJ was born with Down’s syndrome and a hole in his heart. My relationship with CJ’s dad had turned sour and as a result of this and other things, social work had become involved.

I met up with my support worker and she reassessed my needs. We made an action plan of things I needed to get sorted, mainly my housing and benefits. I had let my brother move in and he had his own problems, which meant it wasn’t safe for me or my baby to return. My main priority was my baby’s health, I needed to spend time with my worker, go to appointments that she had set up and get my life back on track so I could provide stability for my wee boy.

LinkLiving helped me to find a private rented tenancy. We sorted out benefits, met social work, met health professionals involved with my baby’s care and sorted bills and budgeting. You name it, LinkLiving helped me with it.

Social work were satisfied that I was providing a good environment and home for my baby so were no longer involved. I sorted out my differences with CJ’s dad, who now sees him regularly. CJ’s health has improved, so has mine and I’ve now moved again! This time it’s permanent and I have a lovely home, living on my own with my son. My support worker and I have continued on and off for nearly eight years but I know if I ever need help I just need to ask her, or anyone else at LinkLiving.

"I really don’t know what life would have become if I didn’t have support."

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