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A photograph of a young man representing Stephen. He is socialising with friends in a public bar

Steven, a 44 year old man, is a sufferer of schizophrenia. He became ill during his mid twenties and spent many years in a state hospital.  Steven has been supported by LinkLiving since he was discharged from hospital 14 years ago.

Over the years, Steven's support from LinkLiving has changed quite dramatically.  He has grown in confidence and become more independent, living in his own tenancy and volunteering in a local community project cafe.

Steven decided he wanted more control over the support he receives.  He chose to apply for a direct payment, which enables him to decide how he wants to use his support time  and when.  Steven wanted support to encourage him to lead a healthier lifestyle and to help him with his household paperwork.

Steven lacks motivation.  He knows he would find it difficult to do regular exercise without a support worker to meet with him, encourage him if he is having a bad day and support him to get to the gym and do his workout.

Steven uses the direct payment to pay for LinkLiving's support service. Steven now attends the gym 3 times a week with his LinkLiving support worker and feels this is important for his mental health and wellbeing. He really feels the benefit from doing this regular exercise and it helps to keep him feeling well.

Once a week, with the help of his LinkLiving support worker, Steven will pay his bills and attend to his paperwork.  He will make appointments and arrange his week.  He is prepared, organised, more independent and feels more confident as a result of the LinkLiving support he receives.

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