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An amazing success story

A photograph of a woman sitting on steps smiling. Rose started receiving a service from LinkLiving in 1990 when she moved out of her parents’ house and into our care home. It was a big change for her and although she liked being more independent she found sharing with 6 other people difficult.

Rose got support to learn the skills she needed to live independently, cooking, budgeting etc as well as help to access college courses and voluntary work.

In 1995 Rose felt that she had learnt the skills she needed to move on to somewhere with less support and moved into her own tenancy with a flatmate. Around the same time, LinkLiving support staff helped her get a job in a local shop through a supported employment scheme.

Things were going well when Rose became really ill and ended up in hospital. She was diagnosed with diabetes and found it really difficult. Support staff spent time helping her understand her condition and accessing the information and healthcare she needed.

Rose was chairperson at her local People First advocacy group and enjoyed giving talks about advocacy to other groups. People First asked Rose if she would like to do this full time and take on other jobs like helping the Care Commission with inspections. After discussing this with her support workers encouraged her to think about what would be best for her and encouraged her to move on when she decided that was what she had found what she wanted to do.

Rose moved into a full-time job advising the Westminster Government on issues affecting people with disabilities. She was able to come off benefits and started earning a wage.

Rose still received support to help her with practical housing related tasks and also appreciated the emotional support she receives from LinkLiving staff. She had the same key worker for a long time and thinks the relationship she had with LinkLiving has helped her get where she is today.

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