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On the road to recovery

A photograph of an elderly man being interviewed.Jim referred himself to LinkLiving in Fife because he felt he needed help with everyday routines and tasks. 

He was suffering from depression, anxiety and low self esteem and these health problems were compounded by alcohol misuse.  He was also at risk of re-offending and felt that he may become homeless again.

Support assessment

LinkLiving undertook an assessment of Jim's current situation in order to develop a support plan with him.  The main issues identified were:

Health and lifestyle

  • Jim felt that he was physically fit enough to return to work but that his mental health issues would prevent that
  • he did not eat very well and was an occasional binge drinker
  • he relied on others to prompt him to achieve basics such as getting out of bed and he needed to be motivated to wash and dress
  • in addition, Jim was prone to bouts of reclusion, shutting himself away for days.


  • Jim's house was in a state of neglect due to his inability to deal with basic tasks and household chores
  • his budgeting was very poor and he had debts, including rent arrears that he was unable to maintain as he was on reduced benefits

Support plan

LinkLiving worked with Jim to help him set goals and develop a support plan to achieve these goals. LinkLiving:

  • assisted Jim to query his benefits entitlement
  • supported him to go to a money advice service to establish a payment system for his debts and rent arrears.  We also supported him with an ongoing issue regarding the CSA
  • helped him to work out a budget for groceries, general household and bill paying
  • assisted Jim to look at employment options which eventually led to part time work
  • supported him to address his bad diet, introduced him to healthier options and encouraged him to be more proactive about healthy living
  • encouraged and supported him to investigate options for more exercise which led him to take up cycling.  This has helped his self esteem and made him more confident
  • Jim also re-joined a local social group for people with mental health issues


Jim welcomed and appreciated the support LinkLiving provided. He engaged well with his support workers. Jim set himself realistic, achievable goals and, as his confidence grew, he recognised the benefits of his hard work. As a result of working with LinkLiving, Jim has:

  • maintained his part time employment
  • maintained his tenancy
  • repaid his debt and has now got some savings
  • had his home redecorated, which is now well kept

Through this work, Jim has transformed and now:

  • is more confident, more independent and less reliant on others for support
  • has improved physical and mental health
  • has better relationships and an improved social life
  • has improved confidence and self esteem, he now feels he can do much more for himself


With LinkLiving’s help, Jim is now well equipped, mentally and physically, to move forward with his life and has a much improved positive outlook.

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