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Helen was referred to LinkLiving by Link Housing Association.  She was in rent arrears and facing eviction from her tenancy as a result of her alcohol addiction. 

Helen explained that her Disability Living Allowance (DLA) had recently stopped and that she did not know how to make a new claim.  She also advised that her memory was poor due to the alcohol abuse, which had resulted in her missing payments to her rent.

With the support of her LinkLiving worker, Helen made contact with her Housing Officer and arranged a meeting to discuss the situation.  Helen’s worker supported her to attend the meeting and the Housing Officer agreed to call a halt to the court action and arranged a repayment plan with Helen for the outstanding arrears.  Ongoing support with Helen focuses on ensuring that these repayments are made regularly.

In addition, Helen used her support to make a new application for DLA, which was awarded 6 weeks later. This ensured that she had sufficient income to enable her to make the regular repayments to her rent arrears.   A referral was made to a specialist service to address the underlying alcohol issues which had led to the accumulation of rent arrears.  Helen now sees a counsellor regularly and has reduced her alcohol consumption dramatically.

Without LinkLiving support, Helen would have lost her tenancy as she was unable to address the rent arrears given the limited income that she was receiving and had no idea how to reinstate her DLA application.  Support has ensured that her income is maximised and regular support sessions ensure that Helen is reminded of when payments are due to her rent arrears.  The case has not been back to court and, with LinkLiving support, Helen has been able to maintain her tenancy for over a year.

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