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A photograph of a smiling man reading a book on a park bench.

George’s family contacted the local social work department as he had become unable to walk due to peripheral neuropathy. He was moving around his house on his bottom and had been unable to go outside or use the bathroom for several months.

He was moved into a care home but was unhappy and wanted to move back home. It was clear that his old house was unsuitable and he was persuaded to move into adapted accommodation. George got a wheelchair but his new house was isolated and he was unable to get out to participate in social activities and attend appointments.

LinkLiving started to provide support to help George get out and about and assist him with personal care and keeping his tenancy. George likes to go out to the pub and go to the local shops. He is being supported to use public transport to enable him to become even more independent. Support staff are also assisting him to explore other housing options as he’s keen to move to a less isolated area, closer to his family and friends.

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