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Chaos reigns and then rejected

A photograph of a smiling elderly man.

A referral to receive LinkLiving's support was made on behalf of Frank by his Housing Officer.  Alerted by a gas engineer's home visit to carry out a routine safety check, there were concerns about Frank’s wellbeing and the state of his tenancy.

Frank, a 72 year old man, had let many aspects of his life slip.  He had become withdrawn from the local community and lost interest in his personal appearance. His physical health was a concern, he chose not to report his ill health to his GP and refused to attend the  health checks that his medical practice sent to him.   His mobility was becoming increasingly impaired and his blood pressure was dangerously high.

Frank tended to buy out of date food. His kitchen was in a poor state of cleanliness with a build up of unwashed dishes, which attracted mice. This all resulted in Frank suffering frequent bouts of diarrhoea and sickness. 

His house was very cluttered and unsafe for him to move around in.  Clothes, paperwork, dirty dishes and broken furniture lay around.  Frank was unable to reach or get into his bed due to the piles of belongings lying on top of it, so was sleeping on the sofa.  Frank had, over the years, refused the Council’s offer to install a new heating system, kitchen and bathroom. The house needed a number of repairs.

From years of working as an engineer, Frank was a keen collector of lawnmowers. His entire house was strewn with dismantled, old lawnmowers that he intended to put back together again. 

LinkLiving contacted Frank to organise a visit.  Frank didn’t recognise the importance of addressing his own health needs and improving the standard of his tenancy.  He was impressed, though, that staff helped him to replace his lost travel pass and so agreed for his support worker to visit again the following week.

It was clear that Frank was hesitant about accepting support and fearful of change. His support worker took guidance from Frank as to what tasks she could help him with and undertook these at his pace.  As Frank began to trust his support worker, he allowed her to help him with more tasks. With his agreement, support increased to two visits per week.


Frank has received LinkLiving's support for 15 months now. It has helped him to make a large number of very positive changes in his life.

Frank was very aware that his health was failing but was fearful of what his GP would diagnose. He finally agreed to visit his GP and seek medical attention when his support worker suggested she could accompany him to his first appointment.

Frank was helped by his support worker to arrange with his pharmacist for all his pills to be put into a pill bible.  This way he would remember when to take them.

His support worker identified that Frank wasn’t receiving his full benefit entitlement and  assisted him to obtain pensions credits and attendance allowance.  This has meant Frank  worries less about his daily living costs.  It also means he can buy in-date food.
Contact was made with Frank’s Housing Officer to get the outstanding repairs done, pest control got rid of the mice and a new kitchen is to be installed. 

Over time, Frank was assisted to remove the piles of belongings that littered his house. Frank can now move more easily about his house and is able to sleep in his bed.

His support worker helped him to clear out his garden shed. This now stores all the old lawnmowers and is used as a workshop.  To establish a routine of doing housework, laundry and throwing out out-of-date foods, Frank is assisted with a weekly general clean up.


Frank is beginning to re-engage with his local community.

He is also looking after himself, attending regular check-ups at the medical practice, and is taking more pride in his appearance, having visited the barber a couple of times.

Frank has returned to using the library and has started to follow up his interest in computers, learning more by attending a course at his local community centre.

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