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Success stories

Building relationships and trust

LinkLiving are proud to deliver expert services at an extremely high standard which are appreciated and highly recommended by our service users, carers and health professionals.

Providing testament to this, a number of people have worked with LinkLiving for many years, building strong relationships and trust with our staff to achieve their personal goals over the long term.

We also work with people for a short period of time, focusing on specific, time limited tasks to help people deal with a crisis and get their life back on track.


A photograph of a smiling young woman relaxing in a parkA young woman surviving domestic violence and caring for a baby with ill health.


A photograph of an elderly man being interviewedRecovering from depression and achieving a positive outlook on life.


A photograph of a woman smiling, sitting on office steps.From getting support to helping others.


A photograph of a smiling young black man.Overcoming homelessness.


A photograph of a young woman smilingDealing with an alcohol addiction and maintaining a home.


A photograph representing A.Rehabilitation and avoiding reoffending.


A photograph of a man sitting on a park bench smiling at the camera.Regaining independence.


A photograph of a elderly man smilingFrom self-neglect to improved health and re-engagement in the community.


Direct payments provide lifestyle choices.

“LinkLiving means a lot to me. Their support has kept me out of hospital. There has been a big change in my life.”