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Your support plan

A support worker and a service user sitting with pens and paper sitting together at a table.

At the centre of our approach is your support plan.  This is developed by you with our help and guidance.  Our team at LinkLiving then use this plan to deliver the appropriate services to you. 

How often these services are provided depends on your circumstances and will be discussed and agreed at the planning stage.

Your support plan will include goals that you wish to achieve, so you can see you are making progress and celebrate key milestones as you reach them.

How long will I receive services for?

This depends on your circumstances and what you are trying to achieve. You may need short term assistance with specific services being provided or you may need longer term support receiving a range of services over time. This will be discussed fully at your introductory meeting.


Your support plan will be reviewed with you regularly to ensure you are happy with the services you are receiving and the progress you are making.
The frequency of the reviews is entirely up to you, it depends on the services provided, the goals you have set and when you wish to achieve them.  The review will be a minimum of once a year or as frequent as once a quarter.


At LinkLiving, not only do we want people who use our services to be at the centre of the service they receive, we also want them to get involved in all aspects of the organisation, to influence, shape and improve the services we offer and the way we deliver them.  This is an important role and could include:

  • Staff recruitment
  • Staff training
  • Board membership
  • Service evaluation and review
  • Local activities and events

"my wishes are respected – I have had a say in every decision."

How do I find out more

To enquire about receiving any LinkLiving services simply contact us in one of the following ways:

  • You can complete the form on our contact us page.
  • Telephone us on: 0330 303 0302.