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Young people's services

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We understand young people. We recognise that each young person is unique and may need help to deal with challenges and progress through life.

At LinkLiving we have been providing practical, emotional and social support to young people for over 30 years. We know many young people live chaotic lives. We aim to bring positivity, to help young people recognise their own self worth, become more confident and lead better and fuller lives.

If you are aged between 16 - 25 and currently facing a difficult issue then we can help. We have helped young people who are:

  • homeless – we have helped them to find somewhere to live
  • involved in crime - to manage the negative consequences and turn things around
  • self harming – providing emotional support
  • addicted to drugs or alcohol - adopt a healthy lifestyle and maintain good health
  • have become a parent - practical tasks and emotional support
  • making the transition from living in care - planning, practical household tasks, budgeting, employment

We won’t give up on you, even if others do.

Our approach

The time it takes depends on you, your situation and how your services are funded.

Sometimes, local authorities ask us to provide very specific services to young people, for example, making sure they have furniture when they move into their first flat, which means we may only work with you for a few weeks. The local authorities we currently work with include:

  • Edinburgh
  • Midlothian
  • Falkirk
  • Fife

We can make a difference and demonstrate results – read our success stories to find out how we have helped young people in the transformation of their lives.

Our approach is simple. We strive to build trusting, real relationships with young people, involving each person every step of the way. We make sure each young person understands they have a choice and help them to make informed decisions.

Most importantly we provide encouragement to achieve. We work with each young person to set goals and agree a support plan, identifying the specific services and support needed.

Why Choose LinkLiving

We provide a complete approach so that young people:

  • get more confidence to take the next steps
  • are more able to cope with life’s challenges
  • recognise their own self worth and self esteem
  • become more aware of the choices they have in life
  • understand their responsibilities better
  • are able to lead a fuller life
  • are reassured help and support is at hand when they need it

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