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Working with carers

A photograph of a support worker and a service user have a light hearted conversation

We understand that reassurance that your loved one or dependent is in a safe pair of hands is of paramount importance to you.

We realise that we need to gain your confidence and trust and we will do this by being:

  • caring
  • supportive
  • empathetic
  • responsive
  • reassuring
  • respectful
  • and by listening

to both your dependent and you.

We can provide care and support, supported self-help or respite services to carers.

We take a complete and integrated approach to providing services to dependents. Building a strong relationship is key to the success of this.

Care and support

We will work in partnership with you to provide continuity of care and support to your dependent, being flexible to provide backup when needed. Your involvement in developing the support plan is crucial and we can provide a range of services including activities to challenge and stimulate your dependent.

Supported self-help

This is a coaching service which uses a Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) approach to support people experiencing stress, anxiety and depression. Read more about supported self-help and how it could help you.

Respite services

In addition to providing regular, scheduled support, we also provide respite care and short breaks, giving you a valuable break from the normal routine and demands of your caring situation.

Our respite services include:

  • Providing support to your dependent to cover an evening out, overnight or longer, minimising any disruption to their routine.
  • supported holidays and activity breaks, either together or for the dependent to go separately.

Respite is more than a break and is an essential part of the overall support that families and carers need.  Respite provides:

  • a break from day- to-day routines
  • the opportunity to maintain friendships and meet new people
  • time to rest and improve your health and wellbeing
  • time to pursue personal interests, leisure or cultural activities
  • greater independence and self confidence
  • strengthened relationships

"LinkLiving provide reassurance to me whilst they provide respite care and continuity to my client."

"LinkLiving have developed the confidence of my daughter, supported her to develop and live as an individual."

How do I find out more

To find out more about how we could help you, contact:

  • You can complete the form on our contact us page.
  • Telephone us on: 0330 303 0302.