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Supported self help

How do I access services

There are a number of ways you can access our Supported Self Help service:

  1. You can ask to be referred as part of NHS Fife’s Keep Well Programme. LinkLiving is working in partnership with the Keep Well Team to help reduce health inequalities in Fife.
  2. If you are an unpaid Carer living in Fife you can access free one-to-one sessions with a self-help coach or attend a free self-help course (three sessions delivered over three consecutive weeks).
  3. Your employer may provide access to supported self help as part of their Employee Assistance programme.
  4. You can also pay for individual one-to-one sessions with a self-help coach. These sessions are affordable and only three sessions are needed to see real benefit.

If you do not meet any of these criteria, or would like to access our Supported Self Help service then please get in touch.  We are keen to develop this service and make it available to a wider number of people.

Contact us to find out more

  • To find out more please complete the form on our contact us page.
  • Telephone us on : 0330 303 0302.