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Positive Living

A photograph of a young female service user smiling at the camera.

LinkLiving provides advice and support with all aspects of health and wellbeing. Fundamentally, we bring positivity. We help people to recognise their own self-worth, become more confident, feel happier and lead a better and fuller life.

The aim of Positive Living is to help each person who works with us to manage their health and wellbeing to progress through life.

The time it takes, which services are needed and where those services are provided very much depends upon the person and the issues they are coping with. We provide individualised support, working with people with mental health needs, learning disabilities, people with addictions, offenders ,people with physical disabilities, older people and young people.

We also work with young people and the challenges they face; older people and their carers; and people suffering homelessness, we work to prevent becoming homeless and provide accommodation.

Our approach

Our approach is simple. We involve each person every step of the way offering reassurance that help and support is at hand. We make sure each person understands they have choice and help them to make informed decisions in their daily lives.

Most importantly, we provide encouragement to achieve. We work with each person to set goals and agree a support plan, identifying the specific services and support needed.

LinkLiving makes a difference and can demonstrate results – read our success stories to find out how we have helped people to feel happier and lead better and fuller lives.

"treated with respect and treated as a human being."

"LinkLiving help you feel better about yourself and I feel more self-confident as a result."

Why choose LinkLiving?

We provide an comprehensive approach, so that people:

  • recognise their own self-worth
  • are more self-confident
  • feel happier to lead a better and fuller life
  • understand they have choice and make informed decisions
  • integrate into their community
  • cope with their situation or illness, progress through life and move towards independence
  • have reassurance that help and support is at hand

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