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Older people's services

How we can help

The skilled and experienced staff here at LinkLiving will work with you to identify exactly what services and support you need. This will be agreed in your support plan and regularly reviewed with you.

Our aim is to help you cope with your situation, not do things that you can already do for yourself. We find that older people require a number of different services, which could include: 

  • help with practical tasks such as correspondence and paperwork, budgeting, maintenance tasks in the home and household chores
  • maintaining good mental health including managing medication, personal care and dealing with periods of crisis
  • emotional support with ongoing issues, listening to concerns and help through any difficult times
  • help with increasing social contact such as developing communication and social skills, building relationships with family members
  • help maintaining good physical health such as attending doctor, dentist or other health appointments, advice and encouragement to adopt a healthy diet, foster a positive approach to physical exercise
  • help to start or maintain regular activity such as attending classes, progress a hobby or involvement in volunteering

As you can see, these services can be wide ranging and will be very specific to your needs.  We expect they will change over time as you achieve the goals you have set in your support plan.