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Older people's services

A photograph of three elderly ladies having a fun game of scrabble.

Independence, companionship and choices in life. These are some of the factors we know are important to older people so they can lead full and happy lives.

Receiving the right advice and support at the right time can help deal with life's daily challenges. We have seen this make the difference to older people's lives. It provides stability and a foundation for you to live life to the full.

We work with older people and their carers. Through our advice and support older people are able to recognise their own self-worth, become more confident and feel happier. This is true for the carers too.

Working with us to manage all aspects of your health and wellbeing ensures you can stay active and we encourage you enjoy each day.

Our approach is simple. We involve each person every step of the way offering reassurance that help and support is at hand. We make sure each person understands they have choice and help them to make informed decisions in their daily lives.

Most importantly, we provide encouragement to achieve. We work with each person to set goals and agree a support plan, identifying the specific services and support needed.

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