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Rewarding and fulfilling lives

Across all the services LinkLiving provide, our emphasis is on building strong relationships and developing trust. We work in partnership with people and organisations to make a difference.

We challenge ourselves to listen and understand, to be responsive to your needs, so the services we provide are specific, relevant and appropriate to you.

Who do we work with?

We work with a wide range of people of all ages and backgrounds, providing support and care to help them lead rewarding and fulfilling lives.

How can we help

LinkLiving is a leader in responding and delivering to individual needs. We usually visit you in your home to provide the services most suitable for you. Depending upon your needs, we can offer help in a wide variety of ways including:

  • developing practical tenancy management skills like budgeting, healthy eating, shopping, cooking and paying bills
  • focusing on the development of life skills
  • accessing education, training and employment
  • encouraging and empowering you to be part of your local community and lead fulfilled lives
  • promoting choice if your opportunities are limited
  • helping you to identify your individual goals and aspirations
  • encouraging you to speak up for what you want
  • helping to promote your creativity and personal development

"LinkLiving tailor their services appropriately to each client and each client is personally involved."

- Support worker.